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Silica Ramming Mass

Our Silica Ramming Mass is high on purity. Silica ramming mass is also known as acidic Ramming Mass or silica Mix, is used in Coreless Induction Furnaces, for melting of scrap .They find their vast usage in various industries. We bring superior quality silica ramming mass which is acidic in nature having the melting point 3274 F. Lining is the imported part of induction furnace, Furnace performance is directly related to the lining performance.

It is manufactured under strict supervision of qualified & experienced work force. Proper check is exercised on magnetic process to assure iron free material and to assure proper composition of granules according to furnace capacity. The granulations of the mix are optimized keeping in view the furnace make and capacity, thus giving maximum and best results. It is characterized by thermal stability, corrosion resistance and wears resistance because it contains less binders, fire clay and moisture compared to plastic refractories.

We Keeping in view the different needs, different types of scraps, end products and several other factors, we have got different grades of Silica Ramming Mass for lining induction furnace.

Products Ingredient Max Temp Max Grain Grain Silica Fe2O3 Boric Acid
Premium Silica Ramming Mass (KV-165) Quartzite 1720° C 5 mm 98.5% 0.05% Nil
Snow white Silica Ramming (KV-185) Quartz 1600° C 7 mm 99% 0.08% Nil
Ordinary Silica Ramming (KV-190) Quartz 1500° C 7 mm 98% 0.30% Nil
Pre-Mix Silica Ramming Mass (KV-165) Quartzite 1720° C 5 mm 98.5% 0.05% (0.80-1.2) %
  • Premium Silica Ramming Mass: This is the widely used grade of Silica Ramming Mass made of best quality quartzite. This shows at least 30-40 % better results as compared to other Ramming Masses.
  • Snow white silica ramming mass: Made of best quality of quartz available on this earth, most popular among small furnace.
  • Ordinary silica ramming mass: Made of quartz, specially made for nali top of induction furnace.
  • Pre-mix silica ramming mass: Ready to use material for induction furnace lining, pre mixed version of KV-165 .We mix Boric Acid as per customer requirement.

We manufactured silica Ramming mass under completely controlled conditions and the formulation is prepared with consultations of major furnace manufacturers. It is best suited to control:

  • Reactivity of the refractory
  • Temperature in which reactivity takes place
  • Sintering characteristics of the lining
  • Density and strength of the lining