We are one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of entire range of Silica Ramming Mass having latest technology with vast application knowledge in this area. We have two art of factories one located in Jamshedpur and other in Dhalbhumgarh, Jharkhand in India. The activity of the factories are to manufacture and supply high quality Silica Ramming Mass for its customers need and being served successfully to all over India & abroad with best assurance in quality. Our plant are well equipped with production capacity of approx. 72000 MT per annum.

Product Details

  • Premium Silica Ramming Mass (KV-165): This is a material made of best quality quartzite available on the globe. This material gives Extra 15% heat life in induction furnace in compare to Standard Ramming Mass
  • Super Silica Ramming Mass: This is a material made of high purity Quartzite available in Jharkhand

Products Ingredient Max Temp Max Grain Silica Al2O3 Boric
Premium Silica Ramming Mass (KV-165) Quartzite 1720° C 5 mm 98.75% 0.05% Nil
Super Silica Ramming (KV-175) Quartzite 1700° C 6 mm 98.5% 0.08% Nil
Premium Silica Ramming (KV-165) with Boric Acid Quartzite 1720° C 5 mm 98.75% 0.05% 1.2%
Super Silica Ramming (KV-175) with Boric Acid Quartzite 1700° C 6 mm 98.5% 0.08% 1.2%

Tundish Board

Tundish Lining Boards manufactured by Khetan are known for its high insulation capacity and can be used in sequence at the most affordable price. Special features of Khetan’s Tundish Boards are as enumerated below:

  • It is made using Green Fuel to bake uniform Tundish Boards.
  • Consistency of raw materials is ensured while making our Tundish Boards.
  • Tundish Boards are tested in our lab in terms of physical and chemical properties.
  • Our Tundish Boards help in saving energy significantly and also reduce consumption of refractory in tundishes.
  • Our Tundish Boards help in improving turnaround time significantly which in turn helps in improving productivity.
  • We manufacture Tundish Boards in acidic grade as per the need of individual steel maker.
  • It is also not required to pre-heat the tundish. Only nozzle warming for 15-20 minutes is enough.

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