Khetan Auto Hydraulic Hinges has an integrated silent system with soft closing feature in 2 Dimensional Door Adjustement. We Provide an innovative, reliable and long lasting and also provide top quality as well as clever mounting and adjustment capabilities.

Quality that meets all the customer demands

The Quality of hinges is subject to a process of continuous monitoring. khetan fittings comply with the national and interntaional quality standards of the markets our customers operate in. The diagram below show examples of the principles behind some of the testing processes.

Load capacity

The quality levels indicated on products comply with the requirements of EN 15570 and satisfy the overload tests at the specified level.

Corrosion test

Khetan hinges satisfy the corrosion requirements with the 72 hrs Neutral Salt Spray test (NSS).

Endurance Test

The Khetan Auto Hinges is 50000 cycle tested.

Closing Test

The Door is opened and pushed to close from this position by means of a falling weight.

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